Fall Porch

Wow, labour day weekend already. I guess being confined to your house for the majority of the year makes it fly by LOL! I’m sharing my fall porch for this year today, thanks for stopping by! This is the first year I added mum’s in & why did I wait this long!? They are so perfect! I reuse stuff year after year, as you can see because a) it doesn’t do good to buy stuff and use it one and b) there are always new ways to add it into your decor a bit different from the year before! I just wanted to share that piece because I know it’s easy to seem like each year people have a whole new “theme” with all new decorations! Not here, it’s always classic but maybe with a new small sign (ahem, I did change the little sign in the wagon this year, but that’s it!). Check out the pictures below! Tag your fall decor posts on Instagram so I can see them! I love fall inspo (@jamie.rwhouse)

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Barn Door Reveal

Well well, long time no chat. Sorry I went MIA, I have 100% been lacking the inspiration lately, and the last thing I want to do after working on my computer all day at home is keep working on my computer in the evening! But I am very excited for our latest project install so without anymore waiting, lets dig into the bard door! Some of y’all might know a dream of mine has always been to have a barn door in my house or just somewhere. I had thought of many ideas of where to put one or how to make it work and FINALLY I HAVE MY BARN DOOR! Y’all I could not be more excited about this. It actually started with me thinking of how we could remove the closet door and utilize that space better and then it hit me, BARN DOOR. It did mean losing some of that wall space, but it was just used for a Mirror anyways, we no longer had an extra dresser or shelving there, so for us it was a no brainer. When we move, it might not be the best for the next person, but thats not really my problem LOL, they could always switch it back. Anyways, without further a due, I present, my very own barn door!! YAY!

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Small Backyard Gardening

Hey Everyone! I hope you are staying safe but managing to enjoy some time outdoors. This is a crazy time we are living in and while some of our “norms” are not so normal, we are making the best we all can. I wanted to share what I planted in my garden this year and of course the amazing garden steaks I got from a semi-local company!

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“Cloffice” Transformation

Well hello my friends, this is kind a fun little DIY project I am bringing to you. I was working to figure out the best layout for our Office/Guest Room. I have this amazing shelf from the Brick, its quite large and since I was not parting ways with it, I was trying to figure out who to fit a desk into the mix! In comes the Cloffice (closet office). I am loving this little nook now. A perfect little social distancing project! Take a look through & stay safe my friends!

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Guest Bedroom Update

Friends, how are we doing?!

I know we are dealing with some heavy stuff right now, I want to take a second to let everyone know that I am thinking of you all during this. Those of you home, I hope you enjoy this time with your family, while staying safe. And those of you still working, in heather care and essential services I am thinking daily of you and all you do. Continue to be safe my friends.

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